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Fisher Diary is a convenient tool for creating, storing and sharing your fishing trips and experiences.

Create detailed fishing specific data such as weather conditions, tackle, fish caught, pictures and geolocation data in the form of placemarks and routes.
Stay in touch with your fishing friends, browse their trips, share your trips and invite each other on new trips via Fisher Diary Circles feature.
Create your own circles on map with your favorite fishing places and look other fisher trips, related to only your circles.
Fisher Diary has own inner Mail manager, Report tool, Calendar, Chat, File cabinet.
And finally, you can always choose one or several of your stories and upload them in PDF format to your computer, in order to show them to your friends, print them as a book.

Fishing reports list
Fishing reports list can show your own reports, your friend's items or public reports
Fishing charts
Charts and diagrams, built on selected reports allow analyse important info at a glance
Formal fishing report data
Define formal fishing data: weather, water, tackles, overall value and fishing result
Fishing pictures
Add full and detailed fishing trip story and pictures
Fishing places
Add your favorite fishing places and look other fisher trips in those follow circles